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Merus Ring in Hotels

Hotels are part of our daily life, almost everybody stayed in a hotel now and then. Water is a very important issue in each hotel. Of course we know about the bathroom, but there is the kitchen, the air condition or the heating, the pool or wellness area, a laundry and much more. A lot of the hotels we talk to face problems in one or the other water system they have.

  • Corrosion

    If the raw water is rather soft, then corrosion in the pipes or machines is a big issue. If a guest stays in an expensive hotel and brown water is coming from the shower or in the sink, he will be not pleased at all and start complaining, up to ask for reduction in the price.

  • Scaling

    If there is Calcium in the water, the problem of scaling especially in the bathroom is giving problems and significant costs. In such Hotels more time for cleaning of the bathroom is required, more cleaning agents are required and the lifetime of a shower-head is reduced a lot. There we know cases where the hotel has to replace each and every shower-head twice a year.

  • Micro Organism

    And finally in all hotels the fear having bacteria like legionella in the water is a big headache for the management. Especially first class hotels have to do a lot of effort to avoid an accident with bacteria and get bad press and reputation.

The MERUS Ring is able to solve all the above problems, and we have over the years equipped some hundred hotels around the world. Either solving a dedicated problem in one machine or area or doing the water treatment of the entire hotel.

Here a few names of International 5 Star Hotels, who are our honored customers in alphabetic order.

Accor Group, Balboa Bay Club, Four Seasons, Grand Hotel Bad Ragatz, Hayman Island Resort, Le Meridien, Maritime, Mariott, Novotel, The Oberoi , Renaicansse Hotel Group, The Ritz Carlton, Sofitel, The Threadneedles Hotel, Van der Valk Group

Typical applications are:

  • drinking water, where we install right from the beginning protecting the piping system and the hot water boiler and circulation system

  • kitchen, where we take care for instance about the dish washer

  • laundry to stop scale in the washing machines

  • swimming pool, stop scaling or reduce the chemicals required for treating the pool water

  • golf course, where we are treating the irrigation system

  • HVAC, where we treat the chiller, the cooling tower or the supply-system of the cold water

  • wellness area, where we treat various issues such a steam generators for the steam bath

  • gardens, where we treat the irrigation system or fountains

There are a lot more applications, we have solved in a hotel, if you have questions or an application to be solved, please contact us.