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The Merus Ring

The very basics of how MERUS emits oscillations

The MERUS Ring is made out of two halves of a treated alloy. The two halves can easily be installed on the outside of a pipe as a collar.

Once the MERUS Ring is installed, it automatically starts to emit different kind of oscillations. As can be seen in the movie, for each problem there is a dedicated oscillation to fight a specific problem. The red oscillation fights rust and corrosion, the black one fights calcium carbonate and other salts, the green one is fighting microbiological problems such as bacteria, algae or bio-fouling.

The Merus Ring is used for all kind of applications solved by Merus.
Physically the Merus Ring is always the same and comes in different sizes, so it will fit on the pipe where it will be installed.
Depending on the problem in the water or crude oil to be treated, the Merus Ring is charged with different kind of oscillations.
For instance in a heat exchanger, if there are scaling problems to be solved a standard set of oscillations will do. If there are as well microbiological problems, the ring will be charged in addition with the Bio-oscillations. So in the end one Merus Ring will hold all the required charges to solve the problem at hand.

The prices of the ring depend on the size of the pipe the Merus Ring should be installed. The requirements to the flow of liquid to be treated and finally the charge which is loaded on the rings itself.