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Merus Ring in the Marine

MERUS is working with the marine industry for more then 10 years. Everything started in Greece and today MERUS is one of the leading companies doing Water Treatment on vessels in Europe. Over time a few hundred vessels and offshore facilities have been equipped, whereas lately the maritime industry is one of the fastest growing branches of MERUS. All kind of vessels, from the very big cruise liners, container vessels, shipping vessels, ferries, bulk carriers, tankers, fishing vessels, offshore supply vessels, tug boats and river cruisers are treated by the MERUS Rings.
Green Shipping is something everybody in the shipping industry is talking about lately. Using MERUS Rings is adding to greener shipping. Having cleaner equipment, will lead to savings of energy, less effort for cleaning, by using chemicals, and a lot more.

A vessel is not only surrounded by water, but as well a lot of water is used inside a vessel. Mainly to produce drinking water and technical water for cooling purposes in the vessel as the engines.

The major problem types we have identified on a vessel, are:

  • Corrosion, inside the tubings and of course at the ship hull which is in contact with the seawater

  • Scaling and Fouling, mainly where Seawater is used

  • Marine Growth, such as Sea Shell or Barnacles, both in the pipes but even more at the hull and other parts direct in contact with the seawater.

MERUS is treating the following applications:

  • Fresh Water Generator, to produce drinking water out of sea water

  • Drinking water system, where the drinking water is supplied in the vessel for drinking and the showers

  • Engine Cooling, either direct or through heat exchangers

  • Main Sea Water Inlet, direct when the sea water enters the vessel

  • Cooling Water System, for HVAC or engine cooling

  • Boiler Treatment, both for hot water and steam production

  • Box Cooler, to avoid the marine growth at the outer surface in contact with the water

  • Feed water separator, against scaling when using bunker water

  • Vacuum sanitary system, fighting scaling which happens more due to the vacuum

  • Reverse Osmosis System, to reduce scaling at the membrane and increase the lifetime of the membrane

  • Fire Fighting System, to reduce corrosion, especially when seawater is used

Further MERUS is discussing some more applications, where trials might start soon, such as:

  • Corrosion and marine growth treatment at the ship hull

  • Ballast water treatment, to reduce the marine growth. This will be in addition to ballast water treatment systems.

  • Microbiological growth in diesel fuel

MERUS is supplier to a lot of well known companies in the maritime industry such as: Boskalis, Glomar Shipping, Hapag Lloyd, Leonhard & Blumberg, Thenamaris, to tell only about a few.
Some shipowners have already specified MERUS Rings in their white book and MERUS Rings will be automatically installed at each new build vessel.